Coyote Canyon Winery
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Robert Andrews Memorial Scholarship Awarded!

Coyote Canyon Winery owner, Mike Andrews, awarded the 2017-18 Robert Andrews Memorial Scholarships at the Annual Prosser FFA Banquet on Tuesday, May 22nd.  He presented two $1000 scholarships.  The winners are Lauryn Essary and Jennifer Cantu.  Both recipients have been extremely active in FFA and both have grade point averages above 3.9. 
Congratulations to Lauryn & Jennifer. 

Coyote Canyon Wine Club Party!!

Prosser Wine Club Pick up Party
Saturday, 7 October 2017
10:00am - 12:00pm Vineyard Tour

Vineyard Tour - Please RSVP for this tour if you haven't already. Meet in the parking lot behind the Tasting Room by 10:00am. We will caravan/carpool to Coyote Canyon Vineyard. You will view hundreds of acres of world class wine grapes, learn about varietals, planting, growing, harvesting and vineyard maintenance. Get up close and personal with the source of the fruit that you ultimately enjoy in your glass.

Wine, music and food begins at the Tasting Room at 1:00pm. Mike and Justin will be pouring, Jeriann has a wonderful lunch planned.
Pick up your Wine Club selections; additional Club Wines will be available.

Please park in the lot behind the Winery.

See you Saturday. We love our Wine Club Members!
This event is for you. No charge for members.

October Wine Club Wines Announced!

We are please to announce our selection for our October Wine Club shipment.  These wines have not been released and you will be the first to try them.  These wines will continue to be Wine Club only until further notice.   

Coyote 6 Red - 2 bottles each
2013 Artist Series Petit Verdot
2013 Tres Cruces
2014 Barbera

Coyote 6 Mixed - 2 bottles each
2013 Artist Series Petit Verdot
2013 Tres Cruces
2916 Albarino

Coyote 6 White - 3 bottles each
2016 Albarino
2016 Viognier

Thank you again to all of our wonderful Wine Club members!

(card charges will begin Sept 27 - 30)

Nana Kate's comes to Lounging at the Loft

We are please to announce that Nana Kate's will be catering our upcoming Lounging at the Loft event on September 23. Don't miss this fun night full of live music, amazing food and wine!


Coyote Canyon Wins Big at Denver!

The results are in and we are happy to announce our winners!!

Double Gold Winners
2013 H/H Estates Bozak Red Reserve
2013 H/H Estates Big John Cab Reserve
2013 Sangiovese

Gold Winners
2016 Roussanne
2014 Barbera
2014 Primitivo
2014 Tres Cruces
2016 Life is Rose
2014 H/H Estates Artist Series Petit Verdot
2014 H/H Estates Artist Series Graciano

Silver Winner
2016 Albarino

Thank you to the Denver International Wine Competition and to all who make Coyote Canyon Wines great!!

Tri-Cities Wine Festival

Wine Tasting with winemaker, Justin Michaud

Winemaker,  Justin Michaud, talks about the Wine Thief.  


Wine Tasting with winemaker, Justin Michaud

Wine Tasting with winemaker, Justin Michaud