Coyote Canyon Winery
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About Us

The question that I am often asked is what makes Coyote Canyon Wines special.  I always say it starts in the vineyard. We have put 23 years of Love & passion into developing Coyote Canyon Vineyard. Each year we try to draw upon knowledge we have gained from past vintages. We have worked with a large number of wineries over the years from each we have been able to glean ideas and incorporate them in our farming techniques. The most important thing is to complete each task in the vineyard and winery in a timely fashion. There are so many challenges that effect timing... labor, weather, finances, and regulations.

We are blessed to be in the center of the Horse Heaven Hills AVA and this terroir adds distinction to our wines. Our reds are known for their body and long velvety silky tannins. The overall vineyard has a gradual southeast facing slope which is ideal for red wine grapes. A canyon runs cuts through the center of the vineyard creating a number of smaller facing aspects that help to create smaller micro-climates that allow us to successfully grow many other varieties. Coyote Canyon Winery was named for this canyon.

This is the 10 year anniversary of Coyote Canyon Winery. It was on Mother’s day 2006 we 1st opened our doors for business in downtown Prosser, Washington. We have since evolved with several changes including the addition of our HH Reserve Wines and the relocation of our tasting room to Studio A of the Winemaker's Loft in The Vintner's Village, Prosser. Vintner’s Village is a development hosting some of Eastern Washington’s best wineries and walking trails that link over 16 wineries and restaurants. We feature our award winning Coyote Canyon wines and Horse Heaven Hills 100% Estate wines. We invite you to pay us a visit and enjoy an informative, enjoyable and relaxed tasting experience.

Tasting Room Hours

Everyday - 11am to 5pm

By Appointment or to Schedule Events - Call 509-786-7686

Winemaker’s Loft • Vintner’s Village
357 Port Avenue, Studio A 
Prosser, Washington 99350